Scanning and Xref with Natural Libraries

I am looking at some very old (Nat 6) code that I wrote over 30 years ago for a DOS/VSE mainframe. It has since been ported down to Windows. Of course over 30 years it has changed. I am trying to figure out some way to map source code in the production library to DDM’s - mapping on the table level would be great, field level even better. Any suggestions about either a Windows solution (exporting to text, etc) or a natural utility that might be available - remember it is Nat 6. And it is still running. Kudos to SAG,

Thanks in advance.

The simple answer is to use the cross-reference feature of the Predict data dictionary via the List Xref command, abbreviated L X. If Predict is not installed, you’ll see a NAT4488 message. If you don’t see cross-references, you’ll need to turn on the feature (“xref on” command) and then CATALL to generate the data in the Predict repository.

Natural Engineer would do the trick, too.

Predict is not installed. The customer is not current on maintenance or upgrades - they have a stable environment running their core business. It’s unique because they truly could just keep running until something changes that cause the collapse of a product which is wholly unsupported. My job is to try to get them off the platform while preserving the functionality defined thirty years ago. ANd modified a lot of course in the subsequent time period. Without predict, I was hoping there might be a DBA utility or user function which might be able to help. I think I will have to export all the source code out to text and do my XREF outside the natural environment. Thanks for the answer though.