Request document http vs https

Hi all.

I’m using request document to call a Web service (with basic auth). works fine in dev when I hit the http url but in production the url is https. When I call the https endpoint I just get a 500 - Internal Server error back.

Is there something I have to change code wise from http endpoint vs https endpoint? (that being the only variable changing. )

My code looks as follows:

001600 request document from #WS-ENDPOINT
001610   with
001620     USER 'natfmsuser'
001630     PASSWORD 'xxxxxxx'
001640     header
001650       name 'Request-Method' value 'POST'
001660       name 'Content-Type' value 'text/xml; charset=UTF-8'
001670       name 'SOAPAction' value 'Enqueue'
001680     data all #request
001690   return
001700     header name ' ' value http-status-text
001710    page #response
001720 response #rc

and the SOAP packet I’m sending looks as follows

<?xml version = '1.0' encoding = 'UTF-8'?>

<env:Envelope xmlns:env=‘’ xmlns:xsd=‘XML Schema’ xmlns:xsi=‘’ xmlns:ns0=‘’>
<ns0:Message xsi:type=‘xsd:string’>Hello</ns0:Message>

I can successfully call the service via SOAPUI and I’ve compared the two request packets and they look the same.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Elmar,

You haven’t told which platform - but let me guess; z/OS ? :wink:
If that is the case then there are quite a few extra things needed, since the HTTPS certificates etc are not just default as on LUW :frowning:

See doc


Hi Finn…

Sorry yes, its actually on a Solaris Platform.

I’ll read through the docs thanks.