Request Assistance urgently with HTTPSListener@443

We are a B2B partner for Dell who has provided us with a client copy of the “webMethods B2Bi Server Ver 3.6”.

We are setting up a Dev/Tst/QA instance on server \EGLSLDEV01. In browser IE5.5, the DNS URL HTTP:// works, but not when I use the HTTPSListener@443.

The port 443 is working fine, tested successfully with a dummy HTTPListener@443 in browser IE5.5, the DNS URL HTTP:// works.

The HTTPS protocol on this server is working fine, tested successfully to Dell QA DNS URL

The HTTPSListener must be the problem. In browser IE5.5, when I type the URL HTTPS://, error “Page cannot be displayed” is displayed. According to the Administrator’s guide, the AdminGUI should have been displayed if HTTPS Listener was working properly.

In the application AdminGUI, in the ‘HTTPSListener@443’ configuration, the field Client Authentification = none. This should bypass the certificates, thus simplifying the process. The objective is to get HTTPS protocol to work without certificates first, and then with certificates later.

If the request to:

works, then a request to:

cannot work. The server can (normally) only serve one service on a single port, and it seems that HTTP is enabled on port 443. You have to disable the HTTPListener@443 listener and enable the HTTPSListener@443.