Reqd Open Source Tool to Handle WM conf file

Hi Team,

My client has recently purchase wM 9.7 SAG pack and we have very fresh Env/setup where as handling team to this WM 9.7 Env is also new so I am looking for some kind of open source tool or utilities to hand my day to day prod admin activities like.

On Daily basis we use to get more than 10-30 conf/prop files to be copied on our WM AIX Unix Server from development team as a part of ADMIN I am looking for some kind of open source FIX/TOOL/UTILITIES which can help me to give partial control to DEV team to copy file in Unix box as well as i am not willing to provide FULL/ADMIN access to Unix box.

Do we have any open source tool or any work around to handle such type of request in WM or any open source tool?

We have WM IS version 9.7 and it’s installed on AIX Unix OS

So users mostly send request to copy/modify prop/conf file in IS dirc which in running on Unix OS…

So Do we have any work around in WM or some kind of utilities to handle this type of request ?

If I understand you clearly, cant this be managed with access control. I mean giving access to member who are only authorized to change something and deny write access to others.

we have 3 teams 1 dev 2 apps support 3 admin

so mostly we got prop file upload request from dev team so plan is not to provide any full access or write access to dev team or some how partial control to be given to them so that they can do this copy/edit type of prop type of request in UNIX OS where our WM 9.7 IS installed.

Do we have any utilities to hand these type of request?

what kind of property files are these? are these webmethods system config, code config?

if these are code config then create a separate directory outside webmethods installation. give read write permission to dev team member to only one directory.

If you are up for some coding in DSP then you can create a very basic solution. where display name of property files and then let user update using web interface.

another question is that if you want to restrict access only in production environment or all environments?

Hi Mangat,

It’s includes WM properties as well as code base prop file even some time they have common files which has to uploaded in diff IS directories of servers.

We want to gave control only to Dev and IST Env,looking for some kind of automation or self service but keeping full control on our hands and remaining will be take care by Admin(Infra) team in UAT/PRD

IS is installed in Unix OS so Some one suggested me go over writing cron jobs

  1. Give them a Temp directory for all users to put the files
  2. Have a cron or IS util to pick and move to IS dir
  3. The user who does the point 2 can be the unix admin or IS admin who has rights on the IS directory.

As I am unaware of cron job and it’s programming so i am looking for alternative in WM itself.

Do we have any built in utility to handle such type of request?

No, there is no inbuilt service or utility to move files.

if you are not comfortable with cron jobs then you can create a scheduler service in webMethods which runs once a day or whatever time interval you want to set.

check out file folder under WmPublic package. it has few service to work with files. that will make your job much easier than creating a cron job.

My question is how will you know about destination of a file? why i ask is because from your explanation of scenario files needs to be move to different directories.

Hi Mangat,

Yeah we do have challenges where as users are asking to uploading files in different format .txt .xml .conf and they want to upload these files in diff location of IS directories.

So i am in brainstorming phase where as

  1. Is this possible to develop generic WM code to handle this requirement ?
  2. Even I like to know how other WM teams in diff Org has automated this type of requirement in there Infra?
  3. what will be the best practice to handle such type of request?

May i know your suggestion