Reprocess a transaction from TN

Hello All,
Currently I am facing an issue while reprocessing a failed transaction from TN.
A brief background-
We have defined a processing rule in TN that will invoke a wM service only when an extended criteria (that is based on a custom attribute) matches.
The same processing rule works when a new transaction comes in TN; but when we try to reprocess it the rule does not work.

Work around from my end-
I have tried to reproces sthe transaction by removing the extended criteria ; and it worked. But as per the business requirement the extended criteria needs to be there.I am trying to find out a way to get it over , but need your help on this.

Just for your additional information: The extended criteria that we are using in the processing rule operator is a “EQUALS”.
Would appreciate your responseat the earliest.


Resubmit instead of reprocess.

Okay- But can you tell me why should I resubmit and not reprocess?

Why are documents being reprocessed?

The transaction had failed while doing a MQ call… We dont want to start off a new transaction in TN…rather continue with the errored out one and reprocess it so that it gets resolved.

We are using wM 7.1 .

Is your TN transaction process triggered with right processing rule or default rule selected?


Yes, it is triggered with the right processing rule.

You need to have reprocess with extended criteria right on the rule per your req?

Is the criteria exist on the transaction that you are reprocessing?

What is the error when you reprocessing?

Yes… I am not getting any errors… The only thing is that when I try to reprocess the failed transaction , the processing rule is not getting invoked.

The reason for this is the extended criteria. I tries to reprocess the same transaction from TN by removing the ext criteria, it worked fine. But in all other scenarios, the default processing rule is getting triggered.
In the activiry log I see- “Routing Rule default selected”

Also this is the processing rule that was exceuted when the message had first come in to the system.

It means when you have the extended criteria the transaction attribute getting populated and not satisfying the condition thus selecting default rule:

What is the attribute you have on the transaction first time and now since you removed the criteria?


Check the information in the TN User’s Guide in section “Reprocessing a Document.” Perhaps the information about attributes will help you resolve things.

It is the same attibute that we are using as an extended criteria. Rather when the messge first comes into TN, the same PR is invoked and we are not manupulating the data in case of any failed transactions.
As per the reprocess concepts is concerned, TN just picks the values that were stores in the TN DB and invokes the processing rule.
Am I missing something? I dont think so.

Yes, I have seen that but I dont find anything that can help me.

What is the attribute name you were using in the PR and then in the particular transaction you have received?


Its is a customized attribute that we are using in PR and the same is being used in our transaction.

Both are the same .

Sorry I am asking this again…Does the custom attribute shows up in your transaction attribute section (when you double click open that document)?..unless attribute shows up and your PR is back with Extended Criteria EQUALS value condition the reprocessing wont work till then.

If you remove and reprocess it that’s another story it will work and seems you proved it already:


Is TN configured to save the attributes? If not, that would explain the behavior.

In the transaction analysis, I dont see that custom attribute. But then how it works when the document first enters in TN.

You have raised a good point Rob.

In that case please go to the Document Type section and check the particular doc type you are receiving and look in the “Attributes to Extract” and also Options tab–>Save Document to Database and make sure Attributes has check marked: