Repository data store gone?!?!

Hi you guys,

For some reason the repository store I’m using in the disappears every once in a while. But when I add the store back, all my data is still there. Can anyone tell me why this is happening and how I should prevent this problem? (It’s gonna hurt if it happens in PROD) >_<


If you’re seeing the storage reappear then your issue is probably related to how you’re registering the store. In our implementation we always attempt to register the store before accessing it. If the store already exists, the register call does nothing.

Also, each store that you register creates a unique file in:


with the name format VH****

If you really think your is disappearing I would locate the VH file that contains your store and monitor the existence of the file. Again, I suspect that if you’re seeing the data reappear the store is in fact still there.


Awesome! Thanks for the advice, Fred. =D

I will proceed to register the store before I use get/put/keys, etc… Like you said the add function just return false if the store is already and no harms done.

I also tried to locate the VH**** magic files but theres about 300 of them in our server so I think I’ll pass. Just curious though, what do you open those files with? I see bunch of funny characters and boxes when I opened them with txt editor.

Thanks a lot!

With that many files I’d suggest deleting your store and recreating. Then, sort the VH files by timestamp. The filename should not change as long as the store exists. If you open the file with a plain text editor you may be able to understand some of the data, but the file contains a serialized Java object and isn’t meant for viewing.