Replicator Target Adapter for Adabas on Windows

Did anyone write an Event Replicator Target Adapter for Adabas on Windows?

Why? SAG doesn’t support for their own product suite such adapter and I
would like to use EntireX instead of WCP. It seems that WCP under stress
has problems and organizations are more experienced with EntireX.

MF Adabas / MF Reptor / MF WCP / PC WCP / Windows Adabas

MF Adabas / MF Reptor / MF EntireX / PC RPL Target Adapter / Windows Adabas

Ideas or other solutions are welcome.

Dieter Storr

As we have discussed, I have developed an EntireX server component that is compatible with the Event Replicator for ADABAS client component for EntireX replication destinations. The server component does not communicate directly with the target DBMS. It calls a user-supplied module that is written for the particular DBMS target. For example, it could call a COBOL module to update DB2 or a NATURAL module to update ADABAS.

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