Messaging system WebMethods EntireX, ETL integration

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Can I access to the messaging system used by the Event Replicator (e.g. WebMethods EntireX) so that I can integrate the real-time Adabas changes to some other application by using an ETL tool like Informatica or Data Stage ? Has anyone experience about such transformations using ETL ?

Is flat file export supported by the Event Replicator as a target system? Do you think I should use flat file exports first and then utilize the flat files within the ETL tool ? In that case, how does it reflects the updates / deletes to the flat files ?

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The answer to your questions is that the Event Replicator supports all these options.
You can send replicated output to a messaging system and pick it up from there.

A code example how to do this you can find under
(The topic does not mention Event Replicator, but it contains a code example with Python)
Here you can download a PDF and a zip file.

Please note, that you have to be logged in to be able to see the downloads.

Or you can send replication output to a flat file, in which case it will be recorded in a CLOG Type manner, which you would have to copy with USEREXIT2 into a GDG.

This is documented in the Event Replicator documentation (under “Application Programmer’s Reference”) how the output records are structured and under “Creating a Sequential Output File”.