Reptor Mainframe >> EntireX >> Adabas on Windows

I replicate (RPL) data located on ADABAS on the mainframe to ADABAS on Windows. At this time, I am using Entire Network (WCP) to connect the two platforms. From Software AG I have learned that EntireX is a better connection, for example more stable and faster.

Now, I need on the Windows site something like a ‘Replicator Target Adapter.’ SAG supports an Event Replicator part for SQL but not for ADABAS, as far as I know.

Questions to SAG:

  1. Do you support for your own products (ADABAS to ADABAS) such adapter?
  2. If not, do you have an example how to write one?
  3. Do you have other proposals?
  4. I made bad experience with WCP and EntireX is the way to go. Is this SAG’s recommendation?
  5. Where can I find a description of the architecture?
    MF ADABAS >> Reptor >> EntireX >> Adatper >> Win ADABAS

Dieter Storr

Hi Dieter,

these are rather questions to the Adabas folks, so we need to get them answer your questions in detail. But could you elaborate a bit more about what issues you encountered with the WCP solution?

Regards, Dietmar

Hi Dietmar,

I ran into the following problems with WCP, for example

RC 148: Adabas nucleus not active – subcode 8224 - even ADABAS was up and running on the Windows side

RC 224: Entire Net-Work (WCP) – reply timeout

WCP0602E Node is unreachable
It may not active or there may be a configuration problem.
Detailed error response was: XTS1061E: TCP/IP Connection refused

If WCP stops working, I got a jam and an overflow in the replication engine (RPL buffer and/or SLOG).

It seems that the errors are caused by a bottleneck in WCP, when many files (100) were replicated - intitial state. At the end we will have more than 200 files replicated in production.

Organizations experienced better response and efficiency with EntireX, for example with RPC servers. I can agree with this. Even SAG people recommended to use EntireX over WCP.

Dieter Storr

Hello Dieter,
I want to reply to your questions in your initial post
ad1) currently the target adapter does not support an Adabas to Adabas replication. If there is a need for this path the target adapter may be enhanced in the future.
ad2) there are examples for a Broker client receiving replication messages in
Natural or with EMPTEL application in the Adabas Python package in the Adabas samples forum
ad5) the first place to look would be the Replication documentation.
The Concepts and Facilities gives an overview of the architecture while
the Programmer’s Reference describes the details of the replication messages interface. 2 scripts from the Adabas Python package may be of help to interpret the message ( or create messages for the Reptor input queue (

Kind regards,
Marbod Mueller