Adabas Security and Event Replicator

Nowadays we’re replicating Adabas files from Mainframe to different Unix platforms with an ETP based solution and we’re in the way of changing this system to a new one based on ARF.

ETP is compliant with Adabas Security because it is possible to define (in ETP Replication File Definition screen) an Adabas Security Password for replicated files to protect them from accidental updates at destination environment.
We need to continue with the same security actions at destination environment with the new ARF system.
The only information that we have found about this is the info described in the ARF321 Concepts and Facilities manual, Replication Processing chapter, Replicating Adabas Utility Functions/Limitations: “Password Protection on the targed file or database is not supported”."
We wonder if Software AG could implement an enhancement to solve this situation, perhaps introducing a new field at destination definition level in SYSRPTR application or something similar.
We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Thanks in advance,
Angel de Miguel Arenal
Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal (SPAIN)

I think it would be good for a product marketing person to respond to this post. My understanding of the way it was intended, Adabas Event Replicator was to be used only if the target database was not Adabas (i.e., Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, etc). For situations where Adabas is your target as well as your source (same or different platforms), Entire Transaction Propagator was still the product to use.

Therefore, I am not sure why you would want or need to change from using Entire Transaction Propagator to using Adabas Event Replicator if your source and target DBMSs are both Adabas.

If product positioning has changed, I will stand corrected. Clarification, please.

Hi Angel and brian,

Yes, that is a valid request. Please open a Change Enhancement via
Empower and in the Discussion Forum.


There exists a solution to this problem:
You can provide the password for ADASCR via UEXB linked to the specific ADALNK used by the reptor
However, you also need a special zap, because by default UEXB is zeroed when called by the nucleus.
The special zap depends on your Adabas version you use in conjunction with the reptor
AY743128 --> V743
AY744128 --> V744
AY814113 --> V814

Use a vanilla ADALNK for the reptor except for UEXB, as other unpredictable problems might occur.

Rainer Herrmann