Repeat Step

I am new to webMethods . Could anyone explain me how to use Repeat step with an example and what are the situations in which we should use repeat step?

Have a look at:

You can refer to the DeveloperUsersGuide that would be present in

Repeat Construct is used for repeating a piece of code or few lines.
For eg. DB connection. If I am using an insertion in DB, I can use a repeat step on it, with a condition of repeat when failure. So if the connection fails, it would repeat it again.

For more details, read the documentation as mentioned by Lanfir and Ambrish.
path = %wm install directory%/_documentation/Developer/UserGuide.



Then wat is diff b/w loop and repeat?

Bharathi S.

HI ,

  Repeat is like DO WHILE in C,C++,Java.

The child steps will be executed once even if the condition is not met. REPEAT step can be made to exit based on a Count value or based on some conditons like if any of the child step inside it SUCCEESS or FAILS.
Suvigya has explained it in the mail chain.

   LOOP can be used when a value inside a Document List (Array) needs to be checked or validated.It is like FOR LOOP in Java.


As Ambrish have written above, its totally right.
Or in short, Repeat is used for a repetition of a piece of code, whereas Loop is used to use the values from a multi-dimentional object, like a string-list, etc.