Repairing an Index

Our developers repeatedly loaded and unloaded a doc_type and after a bit corrupted the indexes. Eventually I did a restore to the point in time before they started their work to correct the problem. However, I would like to know if there is a better way to repair/rebuild indexes. Thanks –

The indices should not become corrupt because of loading and unloading of documents, if this is happening then the issue should be reported to your local support centre. Please ensure the latest version of Tamino (version 4.4) is installed along with the latest update kit (available on servline24).

Sometimes though disk problems do occur and can cause integrity problems within the database. Worth looking through system event logs to see if anything obvious there.

To fix the index, the easiest thing to do is a “fix and repair” from the Tamino manager which should fix any problems. Also dropping and then adding the index by editing the schema may also work. However depending on the nature of the problem, these options may not work in which case the only way to fix the problem is to unload the documents, drop the schema, re-add it, and reload the data. However if you have to resort to this then I suspect there is a real problem with the integrity of the database and a copy of the database should be sent via your local support for analysis; this is especially so if the problem is occurring with the latest version of Tamino.