internal database error when indexing

I have a collection that contains two schemas. I’d like to index one element from each schema, well more accurately an element in one and an attribute in the other. My database already contains 200,000 + records when I decided to update the schema. Using the schema editor I was able to index on the element and the hour glass showing the process dissapeared after some time. It appears to be a successful index. For the second index I kept getting an error stating the collection was in use by another index. A couple of days have gone by and still the same error. I decided to repair the index using X-Machine ino:RepairIndex. The index was successfully repaired and then proceeded to index on the other element again excpet this time I got an internal error. Not very descriptive. I tried to repair again and keep getting an internal error. How can I fix this?

Hi - which error message do get? - which version of Tamino are you using? You may also attach your schemas Regards Uli

Hi, The error message captured from running jobs Repair indices in collection METS_OWL, doctype RDF, mode continue terminated with error 9247 INOXII8330 Jul 20, 2006 3:50:04 PM I’m running tamino 4.4.1 I’ve attached one of the 4 schemas used in this collection. My error is when trying to index this schema

Hi, Could you please get in contact with support and create a problem report. We will need some more information and at some point the odds are you will need a fix (if we have not already fixed it); therefore the official channel will get you this. Thanks, Gary