remove security - writing not possible

I installed on a Solaris 9, 64bit system
- Tamino 414
- WebDAV 415
- TaminoNonXMLindexer

when I remove all the security (inodavconfig remove security) I can access the WebDAV-Server, create new collections, but cannot save any .txt or other files (an error occured copying the file). Haven’t I got all the access rights?


Hello Sacki,

would you be able to give us the error messages from the server log file?

Best regards


Hy Juergen

Actually there are several errors in my catalina.out and in mod_jk.log I’ll send you these files by email.
You will also find other error messages which are beeing produced while trying to connect to a WebDAV ressource after having installed security (authType=“tamino”). Actually we don’t have access to any of the webdav ressources - what’s wrong? Your help would be very much appreciated!

Thanks and regards