Remote alias access denied from admin page


we have configured remote alias (TTT) connection from A to B server (6.5 both).

At the time of creating remote alias, first I set the execute ACL= internal

and tested it from admin page. I got the " remote alias connection successful" message.

When I changed excecuteACL to xyz ACL it is not connecting and got " access denied"

I check the xyz ACL in server A, and checked the USER with in the ACL (with my name) it is existed.

But the strange thing is when I invoke a webMethod flow service which is having remote:invoke method & using the remote alias TTT is invoked pretty good and connected to server B.

But why I am getting error message while testing the same from admin page.


Hi All,

We have resolved the issue. Resolved this issue by adding the ‘administrator’ to the ACL called ‘xyz’ and it is working fine.


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