User session required to invoke a protected remote server

Hi Experts, I am trying to invoke a service on another integration server using remote invoke service. But I am getting below error in runtime.
User session required to invoke a protected remote server”.

When I trace the service, it is successfully executing.

Remote service (pub.remote:invoke) inputs:
$alias - remoter server alias name fetching from global variables.
$service - hardcoded
$scope - SESSION
$clusterRetry - true

Currently our UAT is not in cluster, but our Production has clustering.

Please provide your suggestions to fix this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Error Messages document tells you to contact support. Only reason I can think of is the clusterRetry is true. I think you have cluster configuration error. If you have cluster configured, check if terracotta server array is set correctly. User sessions are stored in terracotta if clustering is enabled. If you don’t use clusters check if it is enabled, and disable it. Cluster settings is in Settings → clustering → Edit cluster settings

Hope this helps.

Thank you for the reply.
I have removed the clusterRetry and tested again its same results.
-----[ISS.0085.9103] User session required to invoke a protected remote server-----

We don’t have any clustering configuration in Settings.

I have used REST call, instead of using invoke service.

Thank you.

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