reload server classpath while system is up

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In our current environment, we use Java Beans and DROOLS to enrich messages.
We generate classes named after the incoming doctype.
We call a service to instantiate the bean, match the rules, and enrich the message. The service selects the bean to instantiate based on the doctype we are passing along in the input.

Everything works fine, nice and performant.

However, the problem is related to the maintenance. We are loading the beans in the server classpath so that we can transport new versions of the package throughout the different environments, without taking along the bean- which is config in the end (we could also just load the bean in the package classpath). This avoids having development beans in the production environment.
However, we cannot afford to restart the server everytime a new doctype is created.

What we would like to do, is load the bean in the server classpath once we have imported it, without bringing the IS down.

We were looking at the ServerClassLoader object, but not sure if it can do what we want- can’t find any relevant doc on it either.

Anybody have an idea if this is feasible, or any other bright ideas to tackle the problem?

Thanks for all the input!


I don’t think you can reload the server classpath without a restart, but if you place your jar file in the code/jars directory of a package, a reload of the package should load them. Anything in IntegrationServer/lib/jars requires a server restart.

ok thanks for your input anyway - will let you know if there is a way to achieve it