Release Announcement October 2021 - CONNX Data Integration

There is no company out there that is not data-driven. And if it not yet, it needs to become data-driven very soon. To support you with this, Software AG offers 150+ database adaptors that helps you access data from multiple data bases and multiple platforms in real time. It offers data virtualization, ETL and data replication solutions so you can meet demand for your high-value data. With CONNX, you can provide secure self-service access from desktop tools, support real-time dashboard reporting or move/replicate your data to analytic platforms or data lakes in the cloud. With CONNX’s direct database integration, you can get up and running fast within hours of connecting your source and target.

The CONNX 14.6 release features a preview of the easy-to-use web interface for the data dictionary administrator. While this will eventually replace the original Windows GUI (now called Data Dictionary Manager Classic), both versions are included in this release to give you a little time to make the transition.

This release is now equipped with a REST Interface for the Data Dictionary Manager, enabling a fully programmatic method for building and configuring data dictionaries.

CONNX 14.6 Feature highlights

CONNX   CXA 14.6  
  • Preview of new easy to use web-based interface for the CONNX Data Dictionary Manager.
  • Preview of new Full REST API access to all CONNX Data Dictionary functions for CI/CD
  • TLS support for PostgreSQL
  • Partition Table support for Adabas - access files across multiple Adabas databases seamlessly from a single SQL statement.
  • Bulk Insert, Update, and Delete support for non-relational data sources.