CONNX data virtualization

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Software AG acquired CONNX Solutions, a successful OEM partner who provides critical technology in the area of data integration and replication for Adabas & Natural customers. With this acquisition, our customers gain access to the full range of CONNX technologies that enable quick, secure and scalable SQL access to non-relational data, relational data, big data, and cloud data wherever it resides. 

Supporting the Adabas & Natural 2050 Agenda

Software AG recently acquired CONNX Solutions in order to secure access to critical data integration and replication technology to support the Adabas & Natural 2050 agenda. Our agenda is to help you optimize and modernize your Adabas & Natural applications and integrate them with Software AG’s Digital Business Platform to quickly address new digital business demands—like mobile, big data, the Internet of Things, APIs and the cloud. Our acquisition of the data integration specialist CONNX Solutions strengthens the innovation potential of the 2050 agenda. 

Solutions from CONNX 

Solutions from CONNX provide you quick, secure and scalable SQL access to non-relational data, relational data, Big Data, and cloud data wherever it resides and however it is structured. The best part is this can happen without requiring any changes to your core systems. The solutions from CONNX address the needs for data access and virtualization, data replication and data visualization. 

The following sections provide you a brief overview of the following products:

Data access and virtualization

  • CONNX DB Adapters

Data replication

  • CONNX DataSync

  • CONNX InstantdbSync

Data visualization

  • KPiSync for Streaming Analytics to any mobile device

  • CONNX Add-on for Microsoft® Excel®

  • InfoNaut for reporting

The CONNX product line supports mainframe, Linux®, UNIX® and Windows®

Data access and virtualization

With the industry’s largest set of database connectors, CONNX offers real-time, read/write SQL access, using open data access standards, to virtually any legacy, non-relational, relational, cloud, big data, in-memory, or other data source. CONNX supports open data access technologies including ODBC, OLE DB, JDBC®, J2EE®, and .NET®, providing user development and reporting/query tool flexibility.

In today´s world of rapid decision-making, the concept of data extraction and loading is not always the most efficient way to get the most current data. Data virtualization is the rapid access to live data via solutions that provide a single data management model (i.e., metadata model) that allows an application to retrieve and manipulate data from one or more data sources without requiring technical details about the data, such as how it is formatted or where it is physically located. CONNX Data Virtualization uses the CONNX DB Adapter to create a single view of a single or multiple databases and allow real-time access to consume the as it is being updated in real time.

CONNX can join multiple data sources (no matter where they reside) giving you a single view of your data as if it exists in a single relational database. By simplifying data access, CONNX preserves and enhances database systems by providing heterogeneous, secure and real-time access to disparate databases through a single driver. This means that disparate data sources can be treated as one federated relational database, allowing the enterprise complete database flexibility.

CONNX DB Adapters
CONNX DB Adapters provide simplified SQL data access to more than 150 data sources including Adabas, Amazon®, Azure®, Hadoop®, Hana®, Oracle®, DB2®, SQL Server®, Informix®, C-ISAM®, VSAM™, IMS™, DataFlex®, RMS, Rdb and many more.

CONNX Data Dictionary
CONNX Data Dictionary is the metadata layer that enables quick and easy access to your source systems to retrieve metadata. A single metadata model can be created that spans all enterprise data sources and applications requiring data access. The result is an enterprise-wide view of data that provides a reusable standards-based framework for information access.

Data replication

Keep your data fresh and up-to-date without impacting the performance of your data sources with CONNX DataSync. DataSync lets you maintain data warehouses with minimal effort or system requirements, delivering near real-time data integration and continuous refreshes by incrementally updating only those records that have changed. Eliminate the need for large and resource-intensive bulk data refreshes with DataSync's highly efficient and market-proven design.

CONNX DataSync
CONNX DataSync enables you set and control your data synchronization frequency so you can optimize system performance based on your organization's needs. Depending on the demand, you can schedule updates for lower-use periods such as after normal business hours, or as frequently as every minute when you need the most up-to-date data available.

CONNX DataSync Transformation Server
CONNX DataSync Transformation Server lets you Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) relational and non-relational data anywhere in your organization. Fully compatible with virtually every server-side platform and database architecture, CONNX Data Transformation Software is a secure, scalable and proven ETL solution.

DataSync Transformation Server features a powerful yet simple SQL-based transform wizard to accelerate your ETL projects. Manage single- or multi-table transforms and synchronizations using its integrated query builder, or write your own SQL statements. Create new target tables or load data into previously mapped tables. The transform wizard gives you complete control over target database attributes, including table and field names, data types, lengths, scales, and precisions. Easily combine columns from any source table regardless of database type, and create new and unique indexes on your target table.

The CONNX DataSync Administrator lets you create and manage your ETL processes and configure global synchronization and transformation settings. With it you can schedule incremental or full synchronizations, launch pre- or post-sync tasks, and set up automatic email event notifications.

CONNX DataSync for Microsoft® SSIS
The CONNX DataSync for Microsoft SSIS add-on allows users to enhance the SSIS package which can easily harvest the change data in the SQL Server® database to perform efficient incremental loads to a data warehouse. DataSync will need to be enabled before you can use SSIS to load change data, you must enable change data capture on the database and the tables from which you want to capture changes. DataSync will be a pull down option from within SSIS. Once change data capture is enabled on the database, you can create a package that performs an incremental load of the change data. This enhanced SQL Server SSIS product allows for connection to any of the supported CONNX databases.

While some databases excel in transactional performance, other databases excel in analytical capability. Relational databases have a large selection of analytical and reporting tools available for companies to use. InstantdbSync gives companies the ability to seamlessly move data in real time from a source database to any number of relational, non-relational, cloud, desktop or in-memory databases for easier access, data reporting and analysis.

Data visualization

CONNX provides multiple tools to help IT teams put the power of data access right where it is needed most—in the hands of the user. Whether users want to use the desktop to handle their own queries or visualize key business metrics on their mobile device, CONNX has a variety of solutions to help your users visualize their data in a meaningful way.

CONNX KPiSync is a mobile business intelligence application that helps users visualize their key business metrics on any device in real time. The CONNX KPiSync solution was designed to provide users a quick and easy method of delivering Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from all facets of a business to users via any device, smartphone tablet or PC.

CONNX KPiSync keeps you in touch with your critical business information from any corporate application or data store, any time, all the time, in real time, whether you are in the office, on the go or at home. KPiSync makes it simple to keep track of your critical business metrics simply by defining a KPI that will query your enterprise data. These indicators are then pushed to your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile devices, using our secure hosted cloud-based solution.

CONNX Add-on for Excel
CONNX Add-on for Excel allows for quick and easy data access to any data source in Microsoft Excel. If you prefer Excel for viewing, reporting, and manipulating your business' data, then this is the perfect solution. Any user has the ability to view and extract data from a selection for 150+ supported databases using full Excel capabilities without any worry of altering the source data. Enhanced Excel reporting allows you to connect and create joins between tables from different data sources.

CONNX InfoNaut
ConnX InfoNaut Professional is an easy-to-use desktop querying and data reporting tool that lets users build and manage their own queries and reports, accessing the full scope of enterprise data contained in legacy relational and non-relational databases throughout the organization.

CONNX InfoNaut Professional features an intuitive query and SQL statement builder with the ability to save queries in a wide range of file formats including XML®, Microsoft Query® (.dqy), Microsoft Excel® (.xls), HTML, .ASP, CSV, SQL and TXT. Saved queries can be shared throughout the organization without the need for recreating them.

With the Report Writer in CONNX InfoNaut Professional, you can build customized reports from queries or table information. With OLE capability, you can add charts, graphs, graphics, tables and clip art into your reports. Reports can be saved as PDF, HTML or Excel files, as well as TIF, RTF, CSV and TXT formats for easy sharing and distribution.

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