3 reasons you need mainframe to cloud data integration: Read analyst report

3 reasons Bloor Research recognizes Software AG CONNX as a champion for mainframe to cloud data integration


As application environments move to the cloud and the adoption of cloud-based data warehouses—including unstructured data lakes—grows, so does the demand for data integration solutions that can move data from an existing on-premises source to a new one.

Software AG CONNX, recognized as a champion in the Bloor Research Pure-play Data Integration Market Update, offers data access, data virtualization and data movement capabilities that ensure your high-value mainframe data won’t be left behind as your organization moves to the cloud or adopts advanced analytic tools. Here are three reasons you should consider Software AG CONNX for your data integration needs:

1. Experts in mainframe and legacy resources

With 50 years of experience, Bloor says Software AG has “a depth of understanding of mainframe and legacy resources that few, if any, other companies can match,” giving them a significant advantage over competitors. This includes IBM Z®, IBM i (AS/400) and OpenVMS as well as with respect to legacy UNIX and Windows environments.

2. Low total cost of ownership

As a SQL-based solution, CONNX doesn’t require immediate processing of transformations like large platform vendors which reduces costs. It ships with more than 600 pre-built transformations and a metadata management component that consumes COBOL copybooks. By automatically converting nonrelational data so that it is accessible via SQL in real-time, CONNX ensures you can use any standard business intelligence or visualization tool at a lower TCO.

3. Data virtualization and movement for cloud data lakes

With native SQL access to 150+ data sources, CONNX connectivity extends beyond the mainframe to platforms such as Hadoop and databases such as VoltDB, MongoDB, AWS RedShift, Azure DB and Snowflake. Not only can you move data to the cloud using ETL, ELT or change data capture, but CONNX provides data virtualization—federated query access across data sources on any platform—typically not offered by other suppliers.

Download your free copy to see why Bloor says “if you are a legacy database user then the additional capabilities that CONNX offers, especially with respect to Snowflake integration, mean that CONNX should always be on your shortlist when it comes to data integration capabilities.”

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