Can we perform all tasks on ConnX web interface?

I have a database on a on premise server and want to convert it to a rest API to migrate the data.

I have a server that has ConnX application running. And I also have CONNX DataSync web interface.

Can i perform all the tasks using the ‘CONNX DataSync’ web interface (https://<Local_Ip_Adress>:port/datasync/overview/summary), with out the need of going into the server.

If so, what initial steps needed to be done on server side ?

I have create a .cdd file on server using the connx data dictonary (classic), but can i do the same task on web interface (with out entering into the server)

can we perform all tasks with web interface as we can with the application from server, if not, what are the limitations of web interface ?

Using CONNX 14.8, you can perform all operations using the web interface alone.

You can :

  1. Create and modify any CDD
  2. Configure DataSync to use any CDD on the server
  3. View and change all configuration settings
  4. Control access to the REST server
  5. Create and modify JDBC DSNs.
  6. Perform all DataSync activities available from the classic GUI.

Additionally all of these operations can also now be performed directly using the exposed REST API as well.