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Hi All,

I want to about the /.+/ this regular expression…
how it work …can anybody help me to understand this…

The . means match any character.

The + means the preceding char occurs 1 or more times.

This regex will match any string that has one or more characters (any character, including whitespace).

The slashes are for the Integration Server runtime to recognize this as a regular expression. They are not part of the expression itself.

Can multiple values be used in branch labels with regex?

Example, I’m expecting 100, 101 and 102 to be there among many other values I do not care about (in a string). I want to perform maps if 100, 101 and 102 are present, and default the other stuff (including blanks and nulls).

What would the regex expression syntax look like for something like that?

In the spirit of “teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime…”

Perhaps you can review the general syntax of regex and create an example service to do some trial and error branch labels to determine the regex that will do what you need.

I’ve tried reading through a document I found online, but it’s not worded very well and I could not make sense of it. I seem to learn better by example. Can you give me one or is it even possible?

Actually it looks like the dev guide is a better read that my original source. So it would seem /number/ would work. Now figuring out how to tie all of them into one label.

Thanks for your knowledge sharing Rob …