Regex to use to identify document in TN

Does anyone know what Regex to use to identify xml document in TN

I am recieving a xml file in TN in which tag looks like this:

US05 and I am using the following regex both seem to be working when the tag exists in the data and correct document is identified.

/fxEnvelope[0]/body[0]/TenderResponse[0]/TenderInfo[0]/ShippingFacility[regex(“US05|US10|CA01”)] and


I need to know the opposite of this when this whole tag is not present in the data at all:

I have tried the ones listed below and none of them seem to be working, I can’t get the correct document to be identified, I keep getting the error message “No Document exist…”



Anyone faced this problem in past???

Why dont’ you use Root tag as the Identifier?Also check this thread for HTH,RMG

If not try this out if your XPATH is full correct per the XML received:

/fxEnvelope[0]/body[0]/TenderResponse[0]/TenderInfo[0]/ShippingFacility[(‘US05’) or (‘US10’)]


/fxEnvelope[0]/body[0]/TenderResponse[0]/TenderInfo[0]/ShippingFacility[0]/ in the value box type US05


I am not able to use the root tag because in both documents root tag is same. I need something that will detect a numeric value and non-numeric value. For example something that will return true value if data contains “098” regardless of digist and “US10” regardless of any character.

But I don’t think you will be able to do that type of check via XQL path… Guru’s,Any inputs for the above helping Monica? Also check this for regex help: HTH, RMG