Regarding ZipSample package


I have just downloaded the zip package written by Rob. I am wondering if there is anybody who have implemented a zip service with password ?

It will be excellent if the zipfile service could take an optional password.


Using passwords isn’t supported in the classes.

Hi Rob,

Am I right to say that there is no other way ? i tried the firecommand service - it doesn’t work at all or I have used it wrongly. If it requires java programming then i think i am in hot soup because i am not good in that.


Two possibilities come to mind:

  1. Figure out how to support using a password via Java. This would take some trial and error and reverse-engineering of the zip file format.

  2. Use command-line facilities to run zip operations from the command-line. I believe there are threads here that describe how to execute a program on the command-line.

Thanks. I will do a search on that.