Regarding Trigger shutting down in when we are publishing to UM

publishing to UM Trigger is shutting down because of exception: [ISS.0153.9051] Error initializing UM session

version 9.8
UM is up and running
can some one can help me out

Try this:

  1. Reload the package that has triggers with this error
  2. Or, sync all documents from IS to UM

Vamsee – Is IS and Realm are in same of different machines ? Also check their ports.


Whether your UM’s are in cluster?

Try to restart the UM & IS and check once the connectivity. Also increase your log levels in UM and try to see in case of any additional issues.

Please let me know in case of any issues.

Check the connectivity be tween IS and UM.
This happens when there is an issue with the connectivity between them.
If your UM is in cluster, check if the cluster is available and healthy.
Diagnosing the UM logs can be a good lead.