Regarding TPA

Hello All,
Could anyone help me in clarifying this doubt…

There are two TPAs defined in your Trading Networks. If the partner specific TPA is missing one of the essential field then what happens.

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Aravind Piedy

What exact element is missing?can you describe your query a bit more how you defined partner specific TPA?Are you handling EDI or XML docs?

If the mandatory element is missing when you access TPA information in the downstream it will fail…


Certification exam question alert…

Generally, certification questions are not answered here. Apologies if your question is not from the certification exam, but it surely looks like it is.

I am preety much sure its a certification question…but comon he gotta know this…

Hello RMG,
First of all i’m Thankful for your reply for my doubt. But when handling EDI documents what happens to the EDI document if a mandatory field is not present. Could you please explain me in detail.

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Aravind Piedy

Feel free to post an answer if you so desire.