Regarding Notification issue

hi everybody
Any body knows In one buffer table two notifications is possible.
For example in buffer table column t=a means need to fire notification 1 and t=b need to fire second notification. is it possible to same buffer table. Any body know please give reply. its help ful to me.


I don’t think it is necessary to publish 2 different notifier documents. You could have one notifier and publish one notifier document, but have 2 triggers subscribing to this notifier document. Each trigger will have a filter on field t in the notifier document.


Hi Sagar,

the other option is to have 2 notifications where each of them has an appropriate WHERE clause. This will result in 2 Buffer Tables (except for using BasicNotification).

You dont need to Triggers, just create 2 filter conditions filtering on field t and then call 2 different Services.

I assume that you are referring to JDBC Adapter because of Buffer-table.

For the future please provide some more informations, like:

  • which Adapter, which version
  • on which IS version
  • any Fixes installed?

This might help us to provide you with more precise answers.