JDBC insertNotification not working.

Hi All,

I am working with JDBC adapter notifications. I have created an insertNotification. In the JDBC adapter user’s guide they have told that a buffer table and a trigger are also created. What is the location of the buffer table? Can I view the contents of it?

This is what I am trying to do:

1)Insert a row in table A (insert adapter).
2)Insert Notification for the table A.
3)Trigger which subscribes to the insertNotificationPublishDoc.
4)The trigger in turns calls a flow service which has a single step debugLog.

Whenever I am inserting any row in table A….None of the other steps are getting executed. Note that I have enabled the polling notification for the insertNotification.

Tell me, if I am missing out anything.

for basic notification only we need to create buffertable,For remianing notifications buffer table automatically created …

What is the exact location of the buffer tables created? Can I access them by writing a select adpater query? Why is the insert notification not working? Am I missing something?

I was able to access the buffer table using a wm select adapter. But the buffer table is empty. I used document tracker to check if the notification publishable document is getting published to the broker but seems like even that is not happening.

Please let me know how can I further debug this problem.

Hi All,

As posted earlier, I did not have any luck with insert notification. But the update notification is working fine. I am using webMethods 7.1. Please get back me as about this issue.

As soon as your Polling notification fired ,it’s clear the data from buffer table.

Try this create a temp table ,then write an adapter service to insert data into temp table then write a trigger based flow service( in flow service call call insert adapter service.). Now check the data in temp table.