Basic Notification Development


Can any one know how to create bufferTable and BufferTrigger in Oracle Database, i am doing a POC on Basic Notification.

I want to know that how we can provide link between Table and Buffertable.

If any one know the Flow, can you help to come out.


Hi Surya,

Basically when you select this Adapter notification service (Basic Notification for insert/update/delete action types) from the Designer (you will go thru the screen wizards) based on the underlying JDBC connection setup for Oracle system. So once you created the above notification successfully as soon as you enable the notification it will automatically create Buffer Tables (behind the scenes) and made it available…

You can verify the same via any Oracle client tool (TOAD or SQL Developer) to verify the Buffer table objects also.

If you are still not clear on the above narration, please revert back!