Regarding File polling issue

Hello Experts,

The file polling port has been configured successfully.File is picking and everything working fine from the configuration side,how to catch that content from service is getting to service(SavePipelineToFile).
please see the attached image.
It is not working ,could you please help on this issue.

Hi Ramanjaneyulu,

can you provide some more details please?

Please note, if the data is represented as a stream, this data will not make it to saved pipeline file as streams are not serializable.

Please have a look at Administrators Guide and the FlatFile Developers Guide for further informations.


If you are behind catching the content, convert the stream data to String.

Hello Experts,
Please find below attached images and data is not getting to the bytes variable.what should I do please suggest me


What kind of file have you uploaded? The variable could be different based on the content type.

I am using .txt files but now ,what variable can I use . Please guide me.

Try to use an Object input named “contentStream”, it should be an InputStream object.
It can’t be saved to file, because it’s not serializable.

I tried still not getting.

What’s the version of your IS?
How do you verify “not getting”? You got any exception?

@ Ramanjaneyulu,

Let us know what is your requirement in regards to the content. As per my understanding if you see the file getting processed successfully then you will see it in completed directory else in error directory.

Briefly explain the requirement and share us the full error dump to suggest or advice you better. Hope you understand.


File picking from the polling directory and going to error directory ,Due to file is not processing correctly in the service .Means stream data is not mapping to the particular variable.I want to parse the flat file using file polling port .initially I need to get data from polling directory to service.very thing is looks good .but data is not stored in variable.(I am placing .txt file in polling directory )
finally already attached the images above.
could you please help on this.

@Xiaowei Wang

After getting of file, I am storing that file Into particular location.By using stringTofile service
please check below attached image.
please help on this.

What’s the version of your IS?
You got any exception when stringToFile?

@Xiaowei Wang
I am using webMethods 8.2 IS ,file is not storing into a particular directory.

@ Ramanjaneyulu,

Can you put your package, sample file, and all the required configurations in a document and attach it here. It will be easy to assist you faster as this topic is going on and on.

If there is no contentStream in pipeline, I think you will get an thrown exception. Could you try savePipelineToFile after streamToBytes?

please find the below attached file.Regarding what you need.
kindly suggest me. (5.61 KB)

Your package that is attached does not give me enough details. Moreover the package does install correctly but nothing in there. I had to do some tweaks to get the package correctly show-up on IS. I just see one service “filepolling_1:file”

Kindly provide the details that I have asked to assist you further.

I want to do flat file processing through file polling port. actually I have been provided the details above.
can you please guide me on this issue.

i may have missed out on a reply or something. Did you try setting input variable to ffdata

below from documentation

when the Integration Server receives the flat file in the appropriately configured monitoring directory, it passes the document as an InputStream to the service configured in the pipeline variable ffdata .

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