Regarding Copy & Expert JMS&JDBC


can we copy/export JMS&JDBC connections from Integration server to another server


If you are asking this question on standalone IS (on-premise) wise you can migrate the connection objects via these ways:

  1. Export/Import of Adapter Connection Package from IS to IS
    2.Migrate it via WmDeployer project from source IS to target IS



when using JMS built-in services, you will have to reconfigure the JMS connectivity under Server -> Messaging.

When it comes to the ART-based connections I would prefer using Deployer to transfer the connections as you can override ("Variable substitution") the parameters in the map for the target server.
Remember to disable the connections before building the project as you might encounter longer deployment times when the target server cannot reach the original partner system (i.e. due to Firewall restrictions).
Additionally please note that Deployer is not able to perform variable substitution on SAP Listeners.