JDBC Adapter configuration


Current company that I am with is creating new webmethods servers from existing ones and need to re-configure the JDBC Adapter configuration to point to test database, etc. Rather than manually opening up each JDBC Adapter settings, is there a way to change them in a script? Looked on WM directories and can’t find the file/s storing the configuration information. Using WM 7.1.2 version on Windows 2K8. Thank you in advance.

There is no way to change them in script

Adapter configuration is stored in package level in which adapter is created. If you have already created test adapter connection move package to new server and your adapter will be reflected there

Yes Adapter configuration is stored at package level.

For changing/updating the Connection node you can develop custom services by using Adapter Development Kit

Try using below services


Try this out and let us know…


Thank you so much for your quick responses. I checked the pkg directory and not finding the items I want to changed for the corresponding JDBC adapter . The items I’m looking to change are the servername, user, databaseName, and portNumber for the JDBC adapter that corresponds to the package. Are these settings in an xml file somewhere else?

I don’t think so, it is not possible to move connection parameters without adapter connection

Why do you try to copy all your adapters in new package and move the package to new server?

It is easy solution for moving adapter connections…:slight_smile:

if you are storing those connection in certain package, just export the package and import it to the target server. It will carry all connection settings with it.

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Thanks everyone. I will give your suggestions a try. Thanks again.

We can get the connections with their properties into the new IS, but the DB name ,driver details, user name and password of the DB should be matched. Once you deploy the package, the connections are in disable state. We need to enable them manually. :stuck_out_tongue:



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you can set the connection properties in deployer before deploy to target sever.

go on deployer map step
->Configure Build By Assets
->select you connection
->change the detail ans save

Hi all,

please remember the following:

Deploying Adapter Connections should only be done when the connections are disabled on the source during build time.

Otherwise Deployer will try to connect to the configured source before disabling the connection, changing the parameters and restarting connection.

When the source server is not reachable (due to firewalls or downtimes) during deployment to target this can take a very long time.

Additionally not all ART Artifacts support variable substitution where it might be needed.
I.e. SAP Adapter Listeners are affected here.

Therefore we have created a separated package, which only holds any ART-related artifacts which is not deployed but will be maintained on each instance manually. The other packages only need to have a dependency on this ART-based package to avoid any access to the adapter services before the connections have been established. These packages can be deployed the regular way.