JDBC Adapter [2]


Is it possible to make a copy of JDBC adapter connection in one IS and import it to another IS. If possible how to do it. Thanks in advance.


The Database alias configuration will be saved in a file called ‘jdbc’ under the folder %server%\packages\WmDB\config. You may copy this file to another IS.


Exporting the package also copies the JDBC connections and imported.

Need extra care when you do this in production and importing into QA. The adapter will be enabled once you imported into QA and still points to production database. Adapter need’s to be disabled once you imported and change the pointings.

Hi Radhika,

Create a patch release for the adapter connection and try installing it on the target IS. It should work.


Firstly, JDBC Adapter configuration is not saved under the WmDB package. Only the older style WmDB based database connection information is stored there.

Secondly, a useful tool in moving database connection objects between servers [and not running into the difficultly mentioned about having a connection to the production database in QA] is to use webMethods Deployer. Deployer allows you to move packages [and associated JDBC connections] between environments, and also to change connection settings during the move [eg. from QA to Production databases].

Deployer is a free tool that works with webMethods 6.x and can be installed via webMethods Installer.

One last note, it’s a good idea to keep JDBC Connection objects in their own package [eg. package “myDBConnections”] to make migration between different environments a little simpler.


You can export/import the package containing the JDBC Connection. webMethods Deplyoer will basically enable you to do the same thing in this case. You might want to create a Patch of Full release depending upon whether the package contains anything other than the JDBC Connection. It works fine.

We create a JdbcConnection package, which contains only the JDBC connection.
This way when we deploy the project code, minus the JdbcConnection package, we do not have to re-setup the JDBC information. We just do not import the JdbcConnection package.

With the configuration in it’s own package, you can manually migrate this package if you want to make it easier to setup a JDBC connection. It’s easier to change a configuration than to set it up new.

Of course deployer might do some of this, but we had our process/standards done long before deployer was created.