copy adapter service from one IS to another IS

I developed webmethods logic in my local IS.I need to deploy this into Dev environment.Problem is,I connected to my local IS and Dev IS through developer.I am not able to copy adapter services from one IS to another IS from developer.Please reply soon…


Hi Ashok,

which verison you are using and what is the adapter service you are trying to promote. by your post iam assuming that you dont have administrator privileges. is that so?

  • Are you connected to your 2 environments with only one Developer opens ?
  • Have you check for errors in the logs ?

You should not promote from one environment to another by copy and paste in developer, even if it is Dev. Either use Deployer (this is recommended and will automatically show missing assets) or export a package build from Packages - Publishing on the IS Admin page. This can either be published directly if the other IS is setup as a remote server or be manually installed using Install Inbound Release.