Reg:replacement services for fromResource methods in TN java APIS

Hello Experts,

What is the replacement method for the following java method “, Object, Throwable)” in webMethods10.1. and It was deprecated wM9.12 onwords.

public static EXMLException fromResource(int facility,
java.lang.String minor,
java.lang.String action,
java.lang.String level,
java.lang.Object ary,
java.lang.Throwable t)

I have checked In TN java API references in the following link""

But I did not find exact replacement methods to handle exceptional message.

Can you please suggest here.



I have just explored TN JavaAPI reference for 9.5 and 9.12.

In 9.5 the class exists and it is not yet deprecated.
In 9.12 the class is not listed in the JavaAPI Reference.

So I guess you will have to refactor your code as there seems to be no direct replacement.
Or you will have to check the Java API References for 9.6, 9.7, 9.8, 9.9 and 9.10 to see when it was first time deprecated and what was suggested as a replacement.