Reg: FTPS put operation is failes and throws an error

Hi Guys,

We have a requirement to sends the files to target server using the FTPS protocol.

we did the coding like below…


check the certificates before login the FTPS server.

  1. using the cd in built server…

change the directory for sending the files to FTPS server.

  1. using the put command to transfer the files to FTPS server.

after we close the session

we did the configuration for certificates is like below,

  1. in outbound ssl certificates:

configure the Server’s Signed Certificates, Signing CA’s Certificates and Server’s Private Key

  1. in trusted certificates:

configure the CA Certificate Directory

While we did the testing for this,

we got the below error.

pub.client.ftp:login [ISC.0064.9001] Could not connect to ftp server: [ISC.0064.9013]

For testing purpose we change the target protocol is FTP and tested the application

in this scenario:

  1. we are able to login the session
  2. change directory also successful
  3. put operation is failed, while transferring the files to FTP server.

the error is: [ISC.0064.9001] Could not connect to ftp server:Connection timed out

we thought this is because of timeout setting in target server, we request then to increase time with 60 minutes. after that we got the same error.

Now we change the logic to FTPS.

currently we got the error like

2011-10-24 08:23:03 MEST pub.client.ftp:login [ISC.0064.9001] Could not connect to ftp server: [ISC.0064.9013]

login was not happen.

we are using the webMethods version as 6.5 and SP2. while doing FTPS we are using the passive mode and TSL configuration are selected.

Kindly, please suggest on this issue.

  1. can we do any other configurations for this?

  2. is the certifications configuration are correct as we specified as above?

  3. generally what is the pre-requisitions required to configure the FTPS?

  4. we are not able to try using the ftp client, because we the transfer is between to unix boxes. we can able to login one unix box from our localhost using the filezilla.

  5. are their any FTP clients are available for doing the file transfer between to unix boxes.

  6. Kindly suggest us, what are the configurations are required on this?

This is very urgent and we are struggling this issue past 25 days onwards.

Thanks and Regards,

This may help “… in passive FTP every port >1023 may be used for the data connection on server side” [url]

Did you make sure the connection is not blocked by the firewalls i.e. firewall around the client and around the remote FTP server? (If they exist).
Looks to me that this might be something related to connection blocking by firewall around remote server. Check with their network folks.

Thank you,