Recursive Schemas Question

Hi. I’m struggling to understand how to use a recursive dtd with Tamino, e.g.
------------- example dtd -------------

----------- end example dtd -----------

When I import this into the Tamino Schema Editor, it asks me how many levels of recursion I want. I pick 20, and it happily generates a schema. But if I try to define the schema (i.e., put it on the Tamino database), I get a message like
"Invalid object type specificationElement name = bookmark".

I’ve tried several variations on this, but I always get the same error. Can someone point me in the right direction?

thanks in advance!


You made mistake in your DTD file, change line:

(bookmark has a child name EMPTY) to

(bookmark is empty)

Enjoy tamino!

Aargh, thanks!

I hope that in future versions they start giving better error messages…