Recreate Index and display them !

Dear Friends, we have received a problem with request duration time while the transaction of recreate index runs. We have increased this value and restarted DB. But this Process was still active. Because of this we must use Repairindex Command. :shock: Now ; i want to have a simple way for create Index and see them for testing. Is there any other way to do it ? ( For example on commandlevel on Unix like argbatch ) :roll: kind Regards, Serdar

Hi Sedo 1. which version of Tamino are you using? 2. which error message did you observe with request duration? 3. why did you run “recreate index” (I assume you are referring to _admin=ino:RecreateIndex())? Note that this admin command is used to rebuild all indexes of a doctype but it cannot be used to add a new index. 4. If you want to create an additional index, the only way to accomplish that is via a schema update using the _DEFINE command. Usually you would loadthe previous schema into the schema editor, add the index definition and define the new schema in Tamino. Regards Uli

Hi Uli, 1. v4411 2. i don’t know now the number of error message, but we must increase the value of " XML maximal Request duration time " 3. Because of this error message and because of hanged process. We wanted to define index ( like your explanation into point 4.) , but we received this error message. After this error message our process hanged up and we couldn’t access our collection again. We must stop it first and we did it with RepairIndex Function. :frowning: Now we want to see the indexs , but how ? i have found now a function with ino:displayIndex , but i didn’t understand it how we can use elementpath parameter. :shock: And i want to know, whether we have a other way to define a new index. kind Regards Sedo