Create index in Tamino?

How to create indexes in Tamino?
How to specify different indexes? Structure, standard, etc?

Presuming you are using Tamino 2.3, have a look at the ino:RecreateIndex function in documentation Changes and Enhancements and Requests using X-Machine Commands.

You can simply use the Tamino Schema Editor to define all possible indices. If you click on the doctype in the tree you can specify the structure index. The default “condensed” is ok for most cases. Choose “full” if your data is very heterogeneous (open content) and “no” for closed content. For the XML elements you have the choice between “standard” and “text” index (none, one of them or both). “standard” is required if you want to use relational operator >, <, =, != and between, sort functions. Specify “text” for ‘like’ searches (~=) with patterns like “ABC*”. Finally you can switch on the Word Fragment Index (with Tamino Manager) which supports searches with patterns like “ABC”. But keep in mind the all indices have to be maintained during insert operations! Do not index without need. Hope that helps.