index question in tamino

does the tamino server only support the value index??what about the parent-children index technology and route index ?

Hi, I am not too sure I understand the question and what these type of indices give you. When you index a node it makes searching faster for XPath and XQuery type queries. So if you specify something like:
then if node d is indexed this query will quicker since there is a direct index for that element.

Could you elaborate on your question?

Hi lisa,

Tamino has various indexing mechanisms. One is the value index that you mention. Another one is the text index which supports text retrieval queries. And yet another one is the so-called structure index, a patent-pending technology that serves the same purpose as the parent-children index technology and route index that you mention, but in a manner that is tailored and optimized for Tamino.



hi Dr. Harald Sch

hi Stuart Fyffe-Collins ,
Ask this question ,i have two purpose :1) i want to know the detail information about indexing mechanisms in tamino. 2) i want to create an index relationship between the derictory file and detail content file, which in order to fast queries, but i am not very clear which index mechanism i should use.

Sorry to tell you that i am a chinese student so that i can’t use the english language freely.

I will describe my question in detail:

In my “book derictory database” design, I want to define two schema to describe the structure of two xml document. one xml document is used to store the book dirctory , another is used to store the book detail information .

The book dirctory instances is like this( you can see the attach ,it may be clear):
<first_directory_name>computer book </first_directory_name>
<second_directory_name> databases </second_directory_name>
<third_directory_leafnode> oracle </third_directory_leafnode>
<third_directory_leafnode> sql server 2000 </third_directory_leafnode>
<third_directory_leafnode> db2 </third_directory_leafnode>
<second_directory_name> programe language </second_directory_name>
<third_directory_leafnode> java </third_directory_leafnode>
<third_directory_leafnode> c++ </third_directory_leafnode>
<second_directory_leafnode> hardware book </second_directory_leafnode>


book detail information instances is like this:








if query is:

then it will query in the book detail file ,and result book is a,b,c,e,f

if query is :
then it will query in the book detail file ,and result book is a,b,c

which type index should i use that can made the query fast.

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