Navigation indexing


Perhaps does someone know whether one can create navigation index in
Tamino? My problem is that Tamino needs to long time for Navigation in
X-Query, if DTD is complex.



I am not sure what you mean by Navigation indexes but I have some general comments.

If you query for documents and the query is looking for something that is not indexed then Tamino will have to perform a physical scan of the data to determine if any documents match your query. So this means indexing of elements and attributes is important if you want to improve query performance especially with large quantities of data.

You have not said what version you are running but Tamino 2.3 is now available for NT and Windows 2000. This is generally more performant than the previous version but once nice feature thats been added is the ability to create and drop indexes without having to reload any data. So if you discover that a query is slow because of a missing index it is easy in v2.3 to add it.