Is there a way to index intermediate nodes using the Tamino Schema Editor? For example, I want to run queries like //name and name is an intermediate node. What sould I do to make it run faster?

If you mean recursive occurrences, please see this topic.
If your intermediate nodes are not recursive, why not put an index on each element definition with the name “name”?

I do not mean recursive occurences. For example, if I try to run a query like count(//name) it takes too long for the result to return.

Is there a way to make queries using intermediate nodes run faster?

Does putting an index on an intermediate node(not recursive) mean nothing?

The query should be speeded up if there is a “full” structure index defined for the respective doctype (“condensed” is the default).

When I look at the structure index for my doctype using Schema Editor 2, I see no choice as “full”. There are only “condensed” and “no” choices.

When using TSD3 and Tamino Schema Editor 3, “full” should be offered.