recordWithNoID in V9.6

Hello all

We are finalysing our migration from V8.2 to v9.6 and we found a delta while defining flat file schema.
Here is a sample flat file :


On both versions:

  • I configured a flat file dictionary : No mandatory fields, Validator=none, checkfields = false
  • I Configured a flatfile schema :
    Record character : newline
    Field or composite : ;
    start at position : 0
    Properties Default Record : TOTO (reference to my dictionary)
    Properties Settings : Allow undefined data = true
    Flatfile structure is a reference to my dictionary
    TOTO properties Mandatory : false
    TOTO properties max repeat : Unlimited
    TOTO properties allow undefined data : True

Results :
On V8.2 :
isValid = TRUE, undefined data is parsed into a list of recordWithNoID
On V9.6 :
Is valid = FALSE, undefined data into a single string. the undifined data are not parsed into recordWith NoID

Did you already encountered such problem ?

Dear Julien,

If you are sure that the implementation is same on wM 8 and 9, you might be missing with some fix levels. Check with SAG if they can help you with this issue.

Hi Julien,

we’re facing the exact same issue. Can you please let us know what was the fix?



This was an issue with the designer (important : designer, not the IS).
We solved it applying the latest patch on each of our developper computers.
For this, you have to use the update manager for designer program