Record read only

Hi All,
Is there a way to inhibit a record of being modified or deleted?. On other words, we want it to be read only.

You can use security to prevent updates to a file. Security by value can do this, but it is usually an expensive option to choose.

Can you describe your application scenario more fully? You are trying to make individual records read-only, not all the records in a table? There is some criteria that identifies the “read only” versus “modifiable” records? That your application programs can’t use?

Hi Douglas:
Indeed we could solve it programming, but what interests us is to ensure no changes, make it independent of programming and therefore immune to programming flaws.
Also I am interested in further information about “security by value.” Could you tell me where to find documentation about this issue?.

The full manual on Adabas Security (ADASCR) is not available online, but a brief overview is found in the Adabas documentation: