Disallow / Allow modules


I need to protect the environment (mainly the applications) and I noticed that there is a function on NSC where it is possible to do it without you change the applications.

I have some questions before trying to do it.

  1. According to the manual, it is possible you held 10 modules on UserBuffer, after this, NSC needs to call the FSEC in order to check the other modules, so, you have a performance decrease. If it is possible to put FSEC into Adabas Cache, would I solve it?

  2. How many modules I can add into free list of modules? Infinite?

  3. It is not a NSC question, but to avoid opening a new post, however it is connected to this issue, how can I do to protect the data (value of data)? For example: the user1 can access the personnel-id from 1 to 200, and the user2 can access the personnel-id from 201 to 500, but none of them can access each other of the value. Can I protect it using Adabas SAF?

Just remembering you, I want to avoid developing any code to protect the applications and the data.

If there is not a good solution, please let me know your opinion.


ps: I know that there is a possibility to protect it using NSC SAF, but at this moment, I would like to know a solution to avoid buying any add products. However, if there is no way to solve it except to buy any software, please, let me know which software I would need, and how would solve it…


Answering your questions, or at least, trying it…

  1. as FSEC is in memory, I suppose that you would be minimizing the I/O;

  2. If the manual doesn’t tell you how many modules you can store into the list, I think you can use it as you wish or according to the area specified in your environment, does it?

  3. I think there is no possibility to protect the data using Adabas SAF; there is no option for this kind of resource, as far as I know;

Does anyone disagree ?



Thanks. Ok, I understood, but how I can do to protect the data, since there is no possibility to proctect using ADASAF? Do I need to do it by application? Is there a way to protect it using any software or, at least, using RACF?

I am still looking for any hints for my problem, please, if anyone knows how to solve it, I would appreciate it a lot.

oh, by the way, would Adabas security-by-value solve this problem?