Online ADABAS Maintenance

When will ADABAS for Open Systems have the ability to add/drop/change fields and release/invert descriptors while the file is in used?

We run ADABAS 24x7, but have to lock a file just to add a new field, which of course terminates all users sessions. Essentially shutting down our systems.

Given the abilities of other database management systems, ADABAS is behind the times.


add fields --> You’re right. There’s no reason for it from my point of view.
drop fields --> Is impossible anyway.
change fields --> It should be possible to lengthen the field. Good question…
descriptors --> Hmmm. And how should the system handle concurrent changes on a descriptor?

Dropping a field is now a feature of ADABAS for Open Systems to suport SQL. It basically just marks the field as dropped.

As for Inverting On-Line, the utility could make a final pass through the buffer pool/protection log to capture any updates in progress.

It would be nice if I could lock the file for update and allow read-only access. The problem is NATURAL opens all files for update and keeps them open for update until the session ends. As soon as I lock the file, the NATURAL users receive a 3009 even when they are not currently access/updating the file.

Maybe the solution would be to add a WAIT option to the utilities so they can slip in between user transactions to apply any changes.