ADADBM,ADD_FIELDS gives %ADADBM-E-ADA048, File / Userid not


I am trying to add fields to an ADABAS file. I can access the tables from Natural, but I cannot add fields to the file. My session looks like this:

adadbm: db=90
adadbm: add_fields=3109
adadbm: 01,SL,2,U,NU
adadbm: end_of_fields
%ADADBM-E-ADA048, File / Userid not available
%ADADBM-I-ABORTED, 11-MAR-2009 12:03:22, elapsed time: 00:00:35

I have tried the adaopr,reset ucb option, but to no avail.

We are running on HP-UX 64 bit Itanium. ADABAS version is 51417

Can anyone point me towards a solution?

Thanks in advance.

Dean Powell
Edmonton, Canada

Hi Dean,

As long as there is users (Natural, etc.) active on this file you are not allowed to do this change. Ask the users to logoff or force them off by ADAOPR commands STOP or LOCK.

ADAOPR DI=UQ_FILES may help to show who is using the file.


Thanks very much for the info. A daemon that I was unaware of was still running. As soon as that was stopped, my changes were committed.

Best Regards,