Browsing adabas file

I need a reference to browse properly an Adabas file while other user can delete records.
About 99.999 records can be listed and I need to show page numbers
Any tip ?

Reading a file while others are deleting is just as much a no-brainer as is pagination, so you’ll need to describe in a bit more detail where you see issues.

For example: does it always need to show the “correct” relative records, i.e. when you flip from page 2 to 3 and someone deletes a record previously displayed on page 1, what do you expect ?

The usual (safe) approach is to keep track of the last key value (or ISN) for every page and just read a chunk of data matching the number of records displayed on a single page and reposition while you page forward / backward.

If you are looking for an up-to-date display at any time you will need to re-read all records from start to page ‘n’ when flipping to the next / previous page.

Thank very much.
Not only DELETE even STORE ADABAS COMMANDS are included.
As you comment, I will use the usual (safe) approach using a READ DDM WITH SPD starting with isn.
I will include a PF-KEY to refresh data for first page.

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