Recognizing pgpencrypted files

I am encrypting a flat-file from WM IS and then trying to send it to TN for routing and transmission. how can I set up a document type definition for this file, seeing as how it will all be encrypted when it goes to TN?


Luke -

Can you wrapper your PGP file in XML? This way you have a known root tag, and possibly some meta-data, for the routing. Granted, this would in turn require some sort of service that would know how to unwrap and send the data (via a processing rule), but if you treat the PGP as a generic payload, and just HTTP or FTP or do whatever with that payload, you could reuse it for any sort of document you want TN to remain agnostic to - PGP, plain text, etc. Just create a document type of “OutboundCanonical” or something like that.

I ended up sending it to TN with TN_Parms defined along with it. but, since TN won’t let me do an FTP put command and specify a remote file name, I ended up moving the actual ftp delivery back into a flow service from IS.