Recipe on increasing repository file size?


I have some rather big applications that I want to import to the NEE611 repository, but the Adabas files are old and need to be increased. But I am a novice in Adabas on Windows and hope that someone can guide me through the steps in Adabas workbench. I can’t even find where to increase max ISNs or the max number of ISNs in hold, for which I had an error message before, when extracting sources for an application.

I have plenty of hard disk space, so it’s “just” a matter of how to increase size and add containers etc.

Any bids?

Hello Henrick -

Please use the DBA Workbench and it will make your task quite easy.

  1. Export the file
  2. Run an Adarep on the file to provide you with starting values
  3. Import the file and specify the new sizes that you require.

That’s all and you are ready with your file ready to accept additional entries.

Regards, Peter